Monday, November 11, 2013

Carousell it.

This is my first login eversince September (my last blog post). HOLY SHIT****
Oh well, now I know what it feels like to be in Year 3.

Anyways, I came across this app call 'Carousell' where buyers and sellers gather to buy/sell their pre-loved and new items. So far, I've picked up an authentic Prada Saffiano wallet from that app. Still thinking, hmmm, why is all my stuff black. I should change my mindset when I opt for things. Please inkjet the word P-I-N-K into my brains, puhlease?

I recommend you guys to download this app if you wanna clear up your stuff. For me, I have too much of stuff lying around. Plus, I'll be moving to another home. So I guess its best to clear some for now and earn that extra cash!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

We Love Asia 2.0 @ Sepang International Circuit.

Super busy lately and I'm gonna make this a quick one. BIG ARGHH AT FINAL YEAR PROJECT ;( So sick of reading and scrolling for journals. Its 11.55 p.m right now at this moment. So I'm gonna do a quick one about,yeah that title up there. Since its Friday the 13th, so I thought it would be good to do so before it hits 12. The last WLA that I went to (beginning of this year), they had Aoki and LMFAO. IT WAS SO HAPPENING. But this time, its a lil quiet? But, still awesome.

(Yeah I had to choose this as the cover because its the only pic with a good lighting and pixels. Everything is from phones only). You know, I seriously don't know how some people actually carry their dslrs' or cams throughout. How do you guys enjoy partying? I wish I could do the same. I regretted for not taking much pics of Pitbull yeah, because; 1) I'M SHORT. 2) I'M USING AN IPHONE ONLY. So I guess its best if I just enjoy the moment, rather than just recording videos and shizz.

So say hi to pics with bad pixels.

Oh, where's the 2.0?

Dj Antoine was good though. At least he mixed some of his ori songs with other tracks. I have his songs on my itunes but then errrr, I'd still prefer...

My MR. 305. MR. Worldwide.


(sorry Chris I had to steal your pics, haha. I have only one picture of Pitbull down below).

Everyone was into the whole damn rave shizz when he came out man. Yes, we all went to see the man. Finally I get to see him. FINALLY. Thank you for letting me win those tickets. And and his dancers? DAYUMMMM, they've got such big round juicy asss, I'm not kidding. I overheard some guys behind me saying, "Screw Pitbull. Look at his dancers man." He sure knows how to pick his dancers!

And group pics. 

Oh and when you have pics with bad lighting, resolution, the best way to make it look presentable is to black & white it. I don't know what magic it does but it certainly hmmm, gives some sorta illusion that they're better off.

Finally, this is my favourite pic of all when we stopped by for some beer. They say, too much exposure is not favourable, but I doubt that.

I still like it. ALOT.

Overall everything was good. Except, that my feet hurts from wearing my Birkenstock. Don't get why my soles are still that hard when its more than 6 months + old. Go soft you old thing, damn.

Next post, MTV Stage Asia @ Sunway Lagoon.

Alright, good night!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Future? Future Happy?

(And yes, that's me up there. And yes, my tooth is crooked because I fell on it when I was younger)

Question is - Are you happy?

If your answer is yes. Then have you thought about your future?

I often, well people, often relate the word "happy" and "future" together. It seems that people like us wants a happy future. Well, who doesn't? That would be stupid. So, the problem with a happy future is how do you define it. Same shit that you learn in your thesis paper, you hafta first define your topic. So, yeah, happy future's definition? Well, I have no idea at all. Because; There seems to be infinity answers to it. Some say nice family, some say great job. We all have our answers to it. But the one thing that seems to be the main problem is that, we humans are never/ could never get enough of ourselves. What we have we want more, what we don't we aim for it. Yeah that's how we do it, for you aliens out there fyi.

Thing is we are never fully contented. NEVER. In order for us to know what we want, we have to lay dirt and shit on our hands and get that kind of feeling meaning to say 'experience things'. Like me, I once thought you know, I'm gonna like events marketing during my internship. But hell no I don't think that's somehow my sort of thing and I'm so glad its all over. Yes yes yes, I deff learn lots of great stuff and met great mates and all. But somehow I knew, that's not gonna be my future.
Okay, so you know the times when the elder always ask, what do you wanna work when you graduate? Well, I would answer; We don't have an option to choose really because this small world is really competitive. We just get jobs which are closest to our options and yes, picky = no job. But no. I did not answer that. I just said, I don't know. Because I don't want to continue the conversation. Well, these are the questions that strikes up my mind, and made me think, what the hell am I doing in Lancaster's Business School? Is it what I want?

In year 1, well I thought its alright man, I'm just gonna do all my subjects and get that cert. But now being in fucking year 3, it makes me think, its makes me panic a lil before I go to bed thinking about the future the next day when I wake up. You know I always hear stories about people doing degrees that are not related to their jobs at all but they still could make good use out of it. Thing is, I still don't know what's my strength. I'm so vague about it that I'm just casually trying to improve my weaknesses only. Seriously, I'm pretty jealous of the lads and lasses out there that are so confident in what they want. Because they know it from the straight and they aim straight for it, that's how they succeed. That's how happy future is formed.
People around me, always think that I own it all, I know what to do and all. But seriously I don't. I feel pressured when you say that...Because I don't at all. I even did, you know tests or experiments that you hafta pay and they have machines to scan your whatsoever fingertips or palm readings shit about your strengths and weaknesses. I scored 'Planning' first on the scoring card. But it doesn't really makes sense because I suck at events management, haha, like really. So I'm really confused.

How do I find out what are my strengths? Do I really need to try every single shit in this world to know that? Somehow I wish clues could come up to me and make my life easier. Somehow that could be a guide to me. Don't say that's spoon-feeding, I'll use a truck and run over your face. Because I somehow hate it when the elder says, 'You know, in our days we live so much more worst. You kids are lucky'. Yes I get it, with the economy, invasion and all. But generations have change. And the world we live in it different now. We are bound to change and adapt to it, but not comparing it to the past.
So yeah, after all the bullshit writings, its mostly about finding my strengths. Yes, that's right. Before I begin typing out this post I had no idea, I was just intending to write something about the future. Then it turned out to be strengths. So, happy future = finding & improve strengths.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Need to sweat FAST.

 Just got back from BKK last Thurs. And I'm glad to say I'm done with visiting and shopping. 5-days-in-a-row. After my flight back home, I'm like phew, no more shopping, no more walking. Its just me & my bed. But NOW, I regretted for the other things that I didn't get to buy over there. #girlsbeinggirls #whattodo

When will be my next trip? I wanna go to Jatujak and Platinum Mall. The two of my favourite places to shop. I hate MBK, really. Perhaps their rental is high over there, so certain things are more expensive than in Malaysia. Furla Inspired Jelly Bag Medium for 200+myr? Oh please, you must be kidding me, here they sell for about 100myr.

So skip MBK, just go to Jatujak and Platinum for cheap stuff. Yeahhh and I got them snapbacks for about 20myr only. Cheap or what?

And oh, last night mum got tired of me. Yeah yeah yeah, it takes forever for me to get a pair of running shoes. I don't know man, sometimes the colour & the design they don't seem right for me. Yes I am picky over my shoes. Because I don't change them very often. So it has to be something that eases my eyes, or else you're good to die.

Sissy, mum & me. Each of us had to get a pair. 

And this is what I choose. I have to stay with you for maybe, lets say 1-2 years? Until your soles run off. 

Yeah yeah yeah, no more slacking. Time to hit the treadmill. I feel so so sorry for my body. I've not exercised since errrr, don't laugh at me, errrr, I have to think, gimme a while, yeah its that long. I think 6 months ago?

Okay, bye!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What in the world.

Good news is; I'm finally on my way to recovery.

Bad news is; its healing TOO fast.
Within 4 hours itself, the redness and flakes of my skin just went away. Just like that. No fucking joke. If I am about to post pics of my flaky forehead with chips of skin everywhere, I'm pretty sure people would be hella disgusted with me. But the thing is, its really really too fast.

Don't tell me, "Mandy, you should be happy that its recovering real fast."

No. You're wrong. Its because I don't know what's inside those pills and the creams that my doc gave me. I asked him what kind of pills if I want it to heal asap. He kept quiet for awhile and said, "To reduce....". Then I said, "Inflammation??". And he just fucking say yes without telling me what's inside and even told me that I've took it before when I was younger?

What in the world? I've stopped taking pills since Day 03 (which is today) because I'm really fucking scared of the side effects. And the moisturizer that he gave me. I'm not even sure whether is it topical steroid cream. Because damnn, they work like some Kleenex shit? They wipe you out clean like a baby's ass. I've never seen anything more magical like this. I swear to god. And now my skin somehow glows and its really scary, really. BECAUSE ITS TOO FAST. In just 2-3 days, I have normal skin again?

And this was me, 2 weeks ago I guess, when I'm down with bad eczema, inflammation overload. See how bad it was? How it made my eye swollen, puffed up cheeks. Don't tell me its nothing its nothing and fucking calm my tits down. Its not about how it looks like. Its about how it really feels like. Its like a dessert, all dried up by the sun itself. When I pat water onto my face, it absorbs like a sponge. That's why I've been really really upset and stressed during my finals week. Imagine, stress plus shitty situations like this. Phew!

Thank god for medication, its all over now.